RVIC Model Open Source Philosophy

RVIC is Open Source software. We have licensed the source code with the GNU GPL v3.0 license. This license provides very few restrictions on use.

Our rationale for moving the RVIC model development to the open source community is that we want: - to encourage other researchers and developers to contribute to the RVIC development, and - to facilitate transparent development and use of the model

Official Support

The RVIC development community assumes the role of a limited scope of official support.


Due to limited resources, there is not official support for some of the tasks related to using RVIC. We expected that the user comes prepared with some understanding of the model and scientific computing. As such, these items are specifically not supported by the RVIC development community:

  • Building and running the RVIC model on platforms other than LINUX, UNIX, and OSX.
  • Using LINUX, UNIX, or OSX operating systems.
  • Writing in the Python programing language.
  • Development of project specific features.
  • Configuring individual model applications.